Satellite Tracked Vulture Movements 22 – 28 September 2015

The latest movements of our Bearded Vultures: Jeremia, Springbok, Pharaoh, InkosiYeentaka, Lehlwa, Mac, Kloutjie, Camo and Mollie; and our Cape Vultures: Bennie, Traveller and Shuttle for the past week (22-28 September 2015), that are fitted with satellite transmitters and included in our monitoring program .

Unfortunately again no data for Wandervogel this week. Meet the vultures included in the project.

“Since we are in the hatching phase of the breeding cycle, I have updated the ages of our Bearded Vultures. Of interest is that Inkosi and Lehlwa have been tracked since their first year in 2009 and have now reached adulthood, secured a territory and have started breeding. The fact that their transmitters have been functioning well for six years already and that the birds have survived to adulthood is really exciting, considering that half the birds we have been tracking since 2007 have died from poisoning or collisions with power lines.” – Dr Sonja Krueger.


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