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Bearded Vulture Sighting at Giants’ Castle

One of Project Vulture’s followers, Dave Marshall, was at the photography hide at the Giants’ Castle vulture restaurant yesterday (26 March 2014) and managed to get these fantastic shots of a juvenile Bearded Vulture.

When viewing his photos, the photographer discovered the vulture was wearing a satellite transmitter. He contacted the Project Vulture team and we confirmed it to be Mac, a juvenile female who has been part of the monitoring project for 2 years.

Here is Mac having her measurements taken and transmitter fitted back in 2012.

From our weekly update maps, you can see that Mac has been hanging out in the Giants’ Castle area for a while.

She was fitted with a transmitter around the same time as Lefuma, who was found killed by poisoning last month. Read his story here.


Lab confirms poisoning to be the cause of Lefuma’s death

We have confirmation from the lab that, as suspected, the Bearded Vulture that was found dead last week was killed by poisoning.

Lefuma’s stomach contents tested positive for the organophosphate pesticide “Terbufos”. This pesticide, which is normally used to control crop pests in the soil, would have been illegally used to bait a carcass to aiming to kill  vultures or jackal. Read about this latest fatality here.

Last year in southern Africa, 1440 vultures fell prey to poisoning. Vultures are poisoned directly for use of their body parts in traditional medicine, or indirectly through irresponsible agricultural poisoning or lead ingestion.

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