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Conservation Letters – African Vultures Collapsing towards Extinction

Vulture populations globally are collapsing. In Africa, populations of eight species have declined by an average of 62% over the last 30 years; seven have declined by an average of 80% or more, and six species have been up-listed to Critically Endangered. Of the threats facing them, 90% of reported deaths are due to poisoning and the traditional medicine trade.

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Global uplisting of Bearded Vulture to ‘Near Threatened’

We  can confirm that Bearded Vulture will be uplisted to globally Near-Threatened. This can only be good news for the populations in Africa!

The following comes from BirdLife’s 2014 Red List update for birds

“Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus is recovering in Europe, but globally it is declining because of poisoning, disturbance and collisions with powerlines, and it has now been uplisted from Least Concern to Near Threatened.”