Research on Juvenile Bearded Vulture © Shannon Hoffman


Research programmes currently underway will continue, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the vultures and their habits. This is of utmost importance, because more information we have on these birds of prey, the more likely we are to be able to implement successful systems that will reduce the decline of these protected species.

Research projects that have been completed include

  • Status of the breeding population (number of breeding pairs)
  • Breeding distribution and densitites
  • Changes in breeding and foraging ranges
  • Causes of mortalities
  • The genetic structure of the Bearded Vulture population.
  • Spatial analyses of Bearded Vulture movements in southern Africa to inform wind turbine placement

Ongoing research projects include

  • The causes of breeding territory abandonment
  • Examining Bearded Vulture movements on a spatial and temporal scale
  • The impacts of global climate change on the species
  • The causes of low breeding productivity in the popualtion
  • Population viability modelling
Research on Cape Vulture
Research on Cape Vulture during fitting of identification tags

Maloti-Drakensberg Vulture Project