Satellite Tracked Vulture Movements 04 – 11 October 2015

The latest movements of our Bearded Vultures: Jeremia, Springbok, Pharaoh, InkosiYeentaka, Lehlwa, Mac, Kloutjie, Camo and Mollie; and our Cape Vultures: Bennie, Traveller and Shuttle for the past week (4-11 October 2015), that are fitted with satellite transmitters and included in our monitoring program

Stillno data for Wandervogel this week. Meet the vultures included in the project


2 thoughts on “Satellite Tracked Vulture Movements 04 – 11 October 2015”

  1. Hi Tammy,
    Following our last communication re connecting with Bearded Vultures,
    Just to let you know, I was fortunate enough to connect with two B.Vultures on the 23rd of Sept. at the Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge.
    Did not see any tags on these birds and only ssw them flying. I managed a couple of flight shots of the one bird. Also had two C.Griffons. Saw more than 10 C.Griffons near Lady Grey flying above the mountain.

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