Satellite Tracked Vulture Movements 12 to 19 April 2015

The latest movements of our Bearded Vultures: Jeremia, Springbok, Pharaoh, InkosiYeentaka, Lehlwa, Mac, Kloutjie, Camo and Mollie; and our Cape Vultures: Bennie, Traveller and Shuttle for the past week (12-19 April 2015), that are fitted with satellite transmitters and included in our monitoring program

Unfortunately Wandervogel has again stopped transmitting.

Camo has been seen at Golden Gate Highlands National Park’s vulture feeding site recently. He seems to have settled in that area, which is very unusual for a young bird.

Meet the vultures included in the project2015-04-12-19-south-africa-bearded-vulture-satellite-tracking-map2015-04-12-19-south-africa-cape-vulture-satellite-tracking-map


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