Satellite Tracked Vulture Movements 25 – 31 October 2015

The latest movements of our Bearded Vultures: Jeremia, Springbok, Pharaoh, InkosiYeentaka, Lehlwa, Mac, Kloutjie, Camo and Mollie; and our Cape Vultures: Bennie, Traveller and Shuttle for the past week (25-31 October 2015), that are fitted with satellite transmitters and included in our monitoring program

Still no data for Wandervogel this week. Wandervogel’s transmitter has been operational since 2008 and is probably reaching the end of its lifespan- a pity because he was tagged before fledging in 2010 and is reaching adult-hood soon.  Meet the vultures included in the project

BV_25to 31Oct15CV_25to 31Oct15

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