Electricity Pylons

Energy Structures

Vultures’ susceptibility to fatal collisions and electrocutions with the ever expanding power network across southern Africa is one of the primary drivers of the population declines.

Our vulture species latest and perhaps greatest threat is  the controversial wind farming projects that have been approved for the Lesotho highlands.

The construction of the Letšeng Wind Farm, bringing 42 wind turbines and additional electrical pylons and wires, is in such close proximity to a number of breeding territories that it is likely that vulture death tolls will increase, placing further pressure on the already seriously depleted populations, and possibly ultimately causing a local extinction. KwaZulu Natal ecologists predict that if the plans go ahead, the Bearded Vulture may soon disappear from southern African skies forever.


Bearded Vulture killed in powerline collision
Bearded Vulture killed in powerline collision

Maloti-Drakensberg Vulture Project